Expert Q&A: Janet Hitchen CIIC 

How can comms teams get all their colleagues excited about the opportunities from CSRD? Nanette spoke to Janet Hitchen CIIC, a internal communication leader who has worked with global brands and now specialises in sustainability. Nanette: Why should colleagues outside of Finance, Sustainability and Comms care about CSRD? Janet: CSRD means Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.… Continue reading Expert Q&A: Janet Hitchen CIIC 

Stop wasting time in meetings

“The weekly planning meeting ended. We discussed our individual problems (again!) with lack of time and resources and the boss had listened sympathetically. We spent most of the time brainstorming on possible solutions. But no decisions were made. There was no change of plans. No prioritisation. No solutions to our problems. No progress!”  How many… Continue reading Stop wasting time in meetings

Local led global training

Organisations operating in global markets often use local trainers to equip their sales and operational teams to deliver the latest products, services and internal processes. For consistency and to protect quality, this will involve members of the global training team travelling to each location and training the local trainers.  We know this works.  But all… Continue reading Local led global training

Reporting: Do you ‘debrief’? You should now, more than ever

Cropped shot view of young fit woman tie shoelaces while standing on a road during jogging

Five tips to transform your 2024 report through an effective debrief session The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is a transformative change for annual reporting – the activity as well as the report itself. Here’s why the debrief is the key to success and five tips to get it right. And no, it’s not too… Continue reading Reporting: Do you ‘debrief’? You should now, more than ever

Four ways to foster curiosity

Why is curiosity lacking at the moment? And what can we do to turn that on its head? Adam shares four ‘curiosity blockers’ and ideas for commitments to unblock them. You can let Adam know what makes you curious by commenting on his blog. The picture here is Adam fulfilling one of his passions at… Continue reading Four ways to foster curiosity