After weeks of prepping, I recently put on my favourite jacket and got on stage to deliver a keynote to a room full of doctors in Barcelona.

I talked about “How to get what is in your head into someone else’s head – and make it stick”. A long, but apt title for anyone delivering a presentation. Because essentially, this is what we’re here to do.

I talked about how to connect with an audience. About how telling a few personal anecdotes to frame your key messages, will allow the audience to identify with you, the speaker, on a personal level.

This is how you create an emotional connection with your audience. It’s how you create moments that are memorable. Moments that stick.

When you connect, they will listen and trust. And when they trust, you can make them understand what you understand. Make them believe what you believe.

My keynote was a small part of what the Simple Revolution team got up to in Barcelona – 10 workshops and 10 experienced coaches teaching delegates from all over the world how to present with an impact.