About our client

Our pharma client discovers and creates treatments for millions of people living with serious chronic diseases around the world.

Their audience are often the doctors who prescribe these life changing medicines, who have to understand the science behind the drugs to get the best results for their patients.

We help our pharma client’s scientists communicate their fiendishly complex scientific data in a way everyone (and certainly doctors!) can understand.

How we work together

Once a year, everybody involved in diabetes gathers at the EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) to share the latest advances in diabetes treatments. Our client runs several symposia at this event to audiences of more than 1500 people. It’s a flagship event and every speaker on the stage needs to perform with clarity and confidence.

We work with their scientific staff and their KOLs (guest expert speakers) to help them present their data in ways that make the science stick with the audience.


Getting the story – Our starting point is the slide review a few weeks before the event where we discuss the story, precision and resonance.

Rehearsing to build confidence – The day before the event all speakers rehearse their presentations with us. Practice makes performance and our suggestions give them the confidence they need to focus on telling a compelling story.

Coaching and prep, in the moment – On the day, we are at the side of the stage supporting the presenters. A lot of our speaker training happens in the two minutes before someone walks onto the stage. It’s often emotional, it’s always very personal.

What we create together

We’ve worked on several EASD conferences and other strategically important symposia. Together, we work hard to help the audience in the room (and on their screens) understand as much as possible about the science being shared.

And so the science is remembered when it counts with patients.