About Novozymes

Novozymes are trailblazers in biotech, producing the enzymes and microbes which help clean our clothes, bake our bread, digest our sewage, and more. With one in five of their 6500 employees working in research and development, Novozymes turn to biology to unlock opportunities across industry and society.

As a global business with customers worldwide, its managers spend a lot of time communicating with customers and their teams virtually. And even more so following the pandemic. A member of the Novozymes executive board asked us to help their managers present with conviction – through a lens.

How we worked together

We ran a two hour communication workshop as part of a two day management gathering. With limited time, we focused on three techniques which would help presenters tell their story with passion and precision. We showed them how to:

  • develop an engaging story that resonates with the audience
  • structure and prioritise to be short and sharp
  • perform on camera with engagement and credibility.

For each technique, we provided a brief explanation on what to do and then got straight into practising them together.

Equipped with their new knowledge and tools, our management group did a virtual presentation for their colleagues and boss (from the next room). Asking someone to present to their boss as a training exercise is a big ask. So, we worked hard to create a supportive space for them to practise in and carefully managed the feedback session.

We learned that the best stories aren’t always told by the most confident presenters. And it’s the stories that stick.

What we created together

Following the workshop, we were approached to run individual coaching sessions with participants who’ve upcoming presentations they want to practise.

We always say that “practice makes performance” and Novozymes leaders are regularly using us and our tools to become better presenters.