About Ørsted

Ørsted is a leading renewable energy company in Northern Europe based in Denmark. They want a world that is run entirely on green energy. 

Their vision is clear and their day-to-day communications power this commitment to develop and deploy market-leading green energy solutions.

How we worked together

To help improve communication, we worked with Ørsted across three different projects on three key areas of their communication:

  • Management and specialist communication skills – We provided one-to-one training with managers and specialists, where we gave personal feedback to these leaders.
  • Internal conferences – We acted as chair and trained speakers to deliver their technical presentations with precision, presence and clarity.
  • Improving reports – We worked with internal specialists on their report writing skills to create reports that not only inform, but connect with their readers, who are often people in high-level management.

What we created together

Communicating technical, specialised content whether on stage, at a meeting or in a report is tough. It takes effort to make sure it informs, connects and inspires. 

Ørsted invested time in improving how they communicate with each other, helping them work smarter together towards their net-zero emissions target. 

What Ørsted said:

“Jens helped me to achieve better business solutions and the personal feedback on my role as a leader helped me better implement the solutions as well” 

Senior Manager, Bio Energy