Companies are in the world to create value.

For themselves, their stakeholders and – increasingly – wider society. 

As well as financial performance, people want to know how you bring value beyond profit and contribute to solving the world’s most important problems.

Reporting on how your organisation creates value – and what this actually means in practice – has never been more important.

Annual reporting, both financial and sustainability/ESG, has the power to attract investment to your company. It’s what makes people want to work for you. It’s what inspires trust in your business.

And inside your organisation, board reporting allows leaders to act. Internal reporting helps organisations transform.

Reporting is where you tell your story. And where it’s vital to tell it well.

What we do

Define your value story

Helping to define and communicate the value you bring – to your investors, employees, customers and beyond.


Writing the chapters of the non-financial sections of your reports. Making sure your value story flows through.


Editing your work and helping your subject matter experts articulate what they do.


Giving you the skills to create cohesive and engaging reports.

Understanding the Stakeholders

Corporate reporting debrief

It’s time to talk about corporate reporting


“SR were fantastic at getting to know our team, what makes us tick, and then distilling everything into a clear and engaging brand philosophy”

Who are we? We’re here to help you make sure the world knows all about the great things you do.

The useful things you create. The powerful insights you’ve got to share. The valuable ways you contribute. As a business, as a team or as yourself. When people know about these things, you’ll do better business. This has been our goal since we set up in 2018.