What's your C-Style?

C-Styles is a quick, multiple-choice test which assigns you a communication style, allowing you to compare it to your team or industry peers.

Based on your results, you’ll get tips on how to adapt your style when communicating with people who have different styles. C-Styles can help you build awareness, assertiveness and adaptability across a few essential skills.

You might have heard of the various personality tests… Myers Briggs, the Big Five, CliftonStrengths and so on. C-Styles is their communications counterpart, which gives you practical communication skills you can put into action.

Created by comms experts

We developed C-Styles with our partners Everlearn and a group of leading digital learning experts. C-Styles combines our communication expertise with their knowledge of how we digest information and turn insights into action. We’ll use your anonymised data to continually help people compare their styles.

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