You’ve got something to say. And it’s something people need to hear.

Whether you’re going to be in front of an audience or in front of a camera, this is one of those occasions where it’s vitally important you land your message with authority and authenticity.

We help specialists in their fields, master how to communicate. We’ll help structure your story, define your key messages and get you ready to deliver. 

Giving you clarity and confidence. And so people remember you and what you said. 

What we do

We’ll help you talk, through a unique learning programme, using a combination of:

One-to-one presentation skills training

Giving you the presence and persuasive techniques you need to deliver.

Group workshops

Turning specialists into communicators, ready to talk about the value they bring.

Online support and guidance

Communication quick tips, for just before a big moment or long-term improvement.

Conferences and symposia

Helping clients prepare their expert faculties to deliver scientific presentations at international events.

How to tell a story

Coaching scientists to present complex data with clarity

Get to the point (quickly) or lose your audience


“SR were fantastic at getting to know our team, what makes us tick, and then distilling everything into a clear and engaging brand philosophy”

Who are we? We’re here to help you make sure the world knows all about the great things you do.

The useful things you create. The powerful insights you’ve got to share. The valuable ways you contribute. As a business, as a team or as yourself. When people know about these things, you’ll do better business. This has been our goal since we set up in 2018.